Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have a Medical Background? How did you learn about all of these topics?

Through a ton of tireless research!! Although I don’t have a medical degree, I’ve done so much research online, with books and online programs with Dr. Daniel Amen and through his University for my Professional Certification program for Brain Health Coaching, many online programs with leading neurologists such as Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Bredesen, Dr. Teitelbaum, and many others, which will be explained in the Books and Other Resources Section.

Secondly, after being my mom’s advocate during her journey with Alzheimer’s and helping to care for her over five years, researching treatment plans, medical care that should have been provided in her memory care home, frequent visits to hospitals and doctor visits due to her injuries, I was forced to learn a lot very quickly about the medical system and memory care facility protocols.

In addition, through my own medical situations like a recent concussion, surgery for female issues, melanoma surgery, an emergency room visit to get stitches under my eyebrow due to tripping over a concrete parking bumper, recent diagnosis of sleep apnea, and then being with my dad during the last four years of his struggle with cancer and dementia, I’ve researched extensively and quickly learned about natural healing methods for a variety of issues. These have all been life lessons that are sure to be wake up calls to teach us to listen, learn and adapt.

What if I am nervous about taking these evaluations or assessments you refer to?

These were created with the greatest understanding, compassion, intention of guiding people to create a life with a happy brain, happy heart and happy body. It should put you at ease, not create anxiety or tension about the condition of your brain or overall health. There is plenty of time for an explanation of the purpose for each question without any intimidation and no pressure.  We can answer these questions together or you can do it in private if you wish.

Do you stand by all of your information, products, supplements?

Definitely! All of this content is 100% guaranteed to be accurate, current, and verifiable. If you decide that you don’t want something, it is returnable within 14 days for a full refund. Send us an email at with your reason for the return, what phone number to best reach you, and we will contact you to issue a refund.

How do I set up a private coaching session to create a better brain? Some days my mind feels sluggish or just ‘down’, other days my memory just isn’t thinking sharp, some days I feel irritable. Can you help?

Yes—3 ways to get started:

Call us to set up a phone consultation at (720) 552-2338. Or email us or filling out the form below and we will contact you within 12 to 24 hours at the most.

This program is ideal for what you describe. Through an initial complimentary consultation by phone, in person or zoom call, we determine if we are a mutually good fit for what you want to achieve and what we can offer with our easy assessments and solutions. We talk about what kinds of things you are experiencing with your brain, (memory, thinking slow) moods (feeling down, irritable) and what you would like to see change in order to create your PEAK or Super Power Brain, and then get started! I am on your team – your advocate and cheerleader every step of the way!

If I would like suggestions for the supplements or books, can you help?

Yes, definitely! I use several of the supplements and have done extensive research with all of them. Be sure you have taken the brain health assessment first at, which is a fun list of questions about you, you’ll get recommendations for the most ideal supplements based on your brain type result (there are 16 types of brain types). It’s pretty accurate! Once you get your Brain number, I can assist you with the best options! Otherwise it might seem overwhelming at first!

Have a question we didn't answer?

No problem.  Feel free to email us at,
or give us a call at (720) 552-2338 or and we can talk by phone, by zoom, or set up a time to meet in person.