• B is for Blood Flow
  • R is for Retirement / Aging
  • I is for Inflammation
  • G is for Genefics
  • H is for Head Trauma / Concussions
  • T is for Toxins


  • for Mental Health
  • for Immunity / Infections
  • for Neurohormone issues
  • for Diabesity
  • S. is for Sleep Problems


1. Alzheimer’s or other Dementia types, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental illnesses “are genetic?”

DISAGREE —  This does not have to be the case. Measuring important genes is helpful and beneficial  information but no matter what, we can always have a healthier brain and happier life through daily lifestyle habits.

2. Research shows that you are STUCK with the brain you have forever.

DISAGREE – According to Dr. Daniel Amen, America’s most popular psychologist and founder of Amen clinics nationwide, author of 10 books on Brain Health, high potency supplements and numerous other accolades, you CAN CHANGE YOUR BRAIN AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

4. We don't have to start thinking about memory loss, Alzheimer's or becoming cognitively impaired until later in life, say in our 60's or 70's.

Disagree. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, “You can’t wait until you’re already suffering from memory loss to start thinking about this. This process occurs 20, 30 years, maybe even longer before you get your first symptoms. ..You have to start with children and what they’re eating…Look at your exposure to toxins…your biomarkers that relate to Alzheimer’s, what’s going on with your gut? (avoiding processed foods, refined carbohydrates, vegetable oils,)  your level of exercise? sleep? stress? ..All of these and others play a huge role and unless you think about these things early and try to live a life that’s managing these factors, you’re going to put yourself at increased risk.”

5. "When I think about Alzheimer's disease...I know that 99% of my risk is actually in my hands. Meaning that I can make choices each day to reduce my risk of Alzheimer's disease."

True – Quote by Dr. Sarah Gottfried, MD, from the online weeklong program hosted by Dr. David Perlmutter called, “Alzheimer’s-The Science of Prevention”

Check out these helpful BRAIN HEALTHY FOOD TIPS:

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